eVerse.AI Unveils GreenCow at WorldAgriTech Innovation Summit in San Francisco, USA

San Francisco (USA), March 23: Recently, at the prestigious WorldAgriTech Innovation Summit in San Francisco, USA, eVerse.AI proudly announced the launch of GreenCow, a groundbreaking end-to-end livestock and dairy sustainability platform aimed at empowering producers and farmers to generate high-quality carbon credits. By monetizing efforts in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, GreenCow revolutionizes the agricultural landscape with innovative technology and strategic partnerships.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the global livestock emissions amount to 7.1 GT of CO2e per year representing 14.5% of all GHG emissions. Livestock farming, while essential for food production, contributes substantially to methane emissions, a potent greenhouse gas that accelerates climate change. Over a 20 year time span, methane is 80 times more potent, powerful and dangerous than C02. Primarily emitted through enteric fermentation and manure management, methane has a global warming potential much higher than that of carbon dioxide. The long-term impacts of methane emissions on the environment are dire, making it imperative to address this issue promptly.

GreenCow is an end-to-end sustainability platform to launch interventions, verify results and realize goals. It offers a comprehensive solution to tackle methane emissions by providing producers and farmers with tools and insights to optimize their operations. By implementing sustainable practices and innovative technologies, such as dietary adjustments, feed additives and inhibitors, effective manure management and methane capture systems.  GreenCow empowers stakeholders to reduce their environmental footprint while improving efficiency and profitability. The platform lets the stakeholders monetize their sustainability efforts and projects and generate high quality carbon credits which then could be sold to other parties like CPG companies, retailers and other organizations as insets or offsets. Stakeholders can perform activities for their farms like baselining and data gathering, comparing and selection of interventions, quantifications and estimations, verify and audit results and generation and sale of high quality carbon credits. The platform supports seamless integration with protocols, methodologies and frameworks being followed by verification agencies like Verra, American carbon registry and Gold Standard. 

The platform is built on the principles of well architected framework and has in-built components of cost, security, reliability and usability. Under the hood, there are cutting edge technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning (AI/ML), computer vision-based imagery and blockchain at play. While the company is launching the beta version of the platform now, it will be enhanced and fine-tuned through the execution of multiple pilot projects in India and USA. The platform will be available for commercial deployment in another three to four months. eVerse.AI is slated to start the livestock sustainability project for couple of farms in Minnesota and Wisconsin states in the USA and Maharashtra state in India. 

eVerse.AI is also collaborating with top universities and agencies in USA and India towards the development of models and methane measurement and capturing devices. It’s in active discussions with University of Minnesota and Cornell University. These partnerships signify a significant step forward in addressing the urgent need for sustainability within the livestock and dairy industry.

“We are absolutely thrilled to unveil GreenCow at the WorldAgriTech Innovation Summit, marking a significant milestone in our mission to drive sustainability within the livestock and dairy industry. We are at a pivotal moment in animal agriculture. Together, we can make livestock and cattle part of a sustainability solution that helps meet global challenges. Through strategic partnerships with leading academic institutions, we are pioneering innovative solutions to combat climate change while creating economic opportunities for producers and farmers.” Said Ashish Sonkusare, CEO of eVerse.AI. 

As the global community grapples with the urgent need to mitigate climate change, initiatives like GreenCow demonstrate the pivotal role that technology and collaboration play in advancing sustainability within critical sectors such as agriculture. eVerse.AI remains committed to driving positive change and fostering a more sustainable future for generations to come.

For more information about GreenCow and eVerse.AI’s sustainability initiatives, please visit https://eVerse.AI and https://GreenCow.earth

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