This Exclusive App lets you call social media creators directly, the good ones

New Delhi (India), January 10: In a bold move for the creator ecosystem, HashFame, the new exclusive app on the block allows marketers from agencies and brands to directly connect with over 70,000+ social media creators across 80+ categories, bypassing the chaos of crowded DMs.

HashFame: Bridging the Gap in Influencer Outreach

The pain of Googling for lists and then going to Instagram to DM creators and awaiting responses that never come – is REAL. HashFame lets you bypass this frustration.

A tap on the screen on the category you are searching for, sorting through 1000s of quality creators and BAM, you’re directly getting in touch with the creator or their “right” manager.

Clean and brilliantly simple.

Breaking the Mold: Direct Connections without Gimmicks

99% “Influencer Collaboration” platforms or apps, follow a similar gimmicky pattern. 

  1. You install or signup the app
  2. Anticipating that you are going to talk to a creator and get working instantly. 
  3. But you are greeted with a “Our sales guy will call you back” message.

HashFame claims to offer a direct call to 70,000 (!) vetted creators across 80+ categories. Just direct connections. Tap to Call or WhatsApp. 

It’s old-school, like the Yellow-Pages that used to exist, but in the most refreshing way. On your Phone + Organized neatly.

The Exclusive-Club Vibe: Quality Over Quantity

Being invite-only-access, HashFame is serious about the quality of agencies or brands it wants to allow inside. It’s not an app for everyone. Instead, it promises to get what niche influencer marketers want, real undiscovered creators who make a mark + unfiltered connections with them. More like a secret club where all the good guys hangout, and it is a perk to be there.

The platform is particular about creating a focused network. It’s a gathering of professionals (creators and marketers alike) who value meaningful, one-on-one interactions, away from the usual.

Future of Influencer Marketing? NO Pay-Walls for Conversations.

HashFame’s approach to influencer marketing takes a different route, free from the frustrations of pay-walled conversations. Anirudh Sridharan, Head of Product & Growth at HashFame, explains, “We’re dedicated to being a helpful friend to both marketers and creators. Our goal is to create a welcoming space for all marketers, no matter their brand or agency. HashFame is all about direct contacts, no tricks, just simple and honest connections. We’re here to make things easier and bring everyone in the creator world a little closer together.”

HashFame is paving a different route as compared to the existing solutions, tech or non-tech. It’s a subtle nod to the frustrations of a brand custodian who just wants good relations and value from good creators.

About HashFame:

HashFame is a vetted creator network that prioritizes direct connections between marketers (agencies & brands) and creators. HashFame is harnessing the power of its vast network of 70,000+ creators across a wide range of categories, all within an elite, invite-only approach.

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