Harmonies in Form: Master Stokes 2024 Exhibition curated by Kishore Labar

Times -10 AM to 7:30 PM.

Date -2nd January  to 6th January 2024

Venue – Open Palm Court, India Habitat, Center. Lodhi Road, New Delhi.

Guests are Shovna Narayan, Shobha Broota, Asit Kumar Patnaik, Naresh Kaporiya,  Sushma Bhel, Jiten Hazarika, and Niren Sen Gupta.

Master Stroke 2024

Step into a realm where authenticity reigns supreme, where each stroke of colour on canvas tells a story untainted by the shackles of duplicity. ‘Master Strokes 2024’ emerges as a beacon of truth in an era veiled by falsities. In this exhibition, art transcends the ordinary; it becomes the unfiltered voice in a cacophony of deceit.

Vivid hues dance upon the canvas, bold strokes echo profound narratives, and delicate lines whisper tales of unadulterated emotions. Here, the artist’s soul meets the beholder’s gaze, forging an unbreakable connection, transcending the mundane and embracing the profound.

This showcase isn’t just an assembly of artworks; it’s an invitation to witness truth in its rawest form. From breathtaking landscapes to soul-stirring portraits, each masterpiece encapsulates the artist’s essence, inviting you to delve deeper into the realm of genuine expression.

As the world grapples with facades, ‘Master Strokes’ stands tall, offering solace and inspiration to those seeking an oasis of authenticity. Join us in this sanctuary of truth, where the language of art speaks louder than the noise of deception, reminding us that amidst the chaos, only art remains steadfastly real.

The 5th edition of ‘Master Strokes’ is all about geniuses. The best of masterpieces created and showcased by the twenty-seven grandmasters. As the name suggests, ‘MASTER STROKES’ signifies the best of everything and here also the artists, who are showcasing their creativity are all experts in their kind of work and imagination. Artists from all over India are coming together as one to show that art is true and an artist is tied with his own love and perfection. The artists have been working all day and night to give a different experience to the audience. Art is an expression or application of creative skill and imagination by an artist to produce works that is appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. Creating a piece of art is a master’s work where the artist communicates with the object and not imitates another creator’s work. Artists, who create art, put forward their creativity, fill it with imaginative ideas to make a unique masterpiece, spruced up with distinctiveness and sprinkled with liveliness. Each artwork blossoms galore enwrapped it so unreservedly and resplendently. The creation reflects the uniqueness of the individual self, of what one sees, and perceives. Contemplates and meditates.

Collective anxieties and turmoil surface often in an interesting way in this selected body of work. The exhibition explores how the transfigured, charged and complex imagery challenges rigid perceptions. With approximately one to four of each artist, the exhibition takes one through their unique journey from different phases of aesthetic formulations: from being chronicles, appropriating the roles of narrator, illustrator, image makers and activists to being myth-shapers. A diverse range of techniques, mediums and configurations has been used by the artist to constitute this presentation.

Master Stroke invites artists from all over India. It showcases work of different genres under one roof. Artists imagine the world from their soul and give it a body on the canvas through brushes and colours. Art is the inner vision of creative skills and imaginations of an artist, which they use to transform into novel aesthetic art pieces for their art lovers. Art can also be defined as a kind of meditation while creating art an artist undergoes meditation, speaking with their soul and mind and only after that the artwork become a masterpiece. Master Stroke is a collective effort of the curator and artists. They both work together to give it the right shape and meaning. And above all is the patrons who complete the journey of the art piece.

Participating Artists

Aashima Mehrotra | Aman Sharma | Alphee Kumar | Bhavana Sagar | C.K.Bakshi | Dr. Suryasnata Mohanty | Deepika Bedi Puri | Deepak Makwana | Jatin Chaudhary | Kumud Grover |   Prem Lata | Jyotsna Sharma | Mangae Ram Sharma | Manju Narain | Madhulika Jha | Mahinder Rai |  Mirinmoy Barua |  Mohini Narain | Navodit Mehra | Pooja K Gehani |  Rachna Lodha | Raja Deori | Renu Jain | Shashi Lata | Tanuskha Singha | Shiv Raj |  Suneeta Mullick |

About  artworks

Alphee’s art radiates with a vibrant richness of colours, forming a breathtaking amalgamation of nature’s beauty on canvas. Her passion for art is not only evident in the vivid hues she employs but also in the intricate details that bring her creations to life.

Beyond being a skilled artist, Alphee serves as a Teacher, sharing her knowledge and love for the craft with others. Her artistic journey extends across borders, as she exhibits her captivating works both in India and abroad, showcasing the universal appeal of her talent. Through her art, she not only captures the essence of nature but also inspires those who encounter her creations, fostering a deep appreciation for the boundless beauty that surrounds us.

 Aman Sharma’s painting themes are drawn from nature, especially the Himalayas. In his paintings, the artist has tried to capture the real colours of nature which can only be otherwise seen by the human eye. The tranquility of nature is the central theme in both works.

Kumud Grover’s work is original and innovative, initiating an abstract style unique to her. Her sculptures, contemporary in nature, are a pure statement of feeling and content, embodied as form. She strives to strike a balance between the realistic and the abstract. Her creative art is in search for self-realisation, and her works are an expression of its various aspects.

Madhulika’s sculptures capture the human spirit in different moods in Bronze and Fibreglass, reflecting mankind in its myriad forms. Since her work is totally apolitical, it has very little social message as such for society, except that whatever your interests are, focus on them and give them your best efforts, your passion and your hard work and see them turn into such age-defying and lasting joy.

Prem Lata does fushionative sculptures – a reflection of her passion and inner emotions. She has studied sculpture under Saroj Jain at Triveni Kala Sangam, New Delhi. Her sculptures are a work of deep understanding of complex emotion and reflect a melody of sweet and romantic feelings.

Bhavana Sagar, Deepak Makwana, Pooja Gehani, and Suneeta Mullick painted one painting Titled: “Svadhyāya”, – Royal Trio. At first glance, the painting captures the essence of royalty with three elegant royal women adorned in exquisite Indian attire. The central figure, donning a blindfold, exudes mystery and grace, symbolizing inner vision and wisdom amidst regal splendour. Looking beyond and inwards, the work is about understanding oneself – the path of Svadhyāya.

A celebration of ‘Self.’ Being self-aware in all our pursuits and welcoming and accepting our own limitations.

Deepika’s art is a testament to her unique approach, unbound by traditions. With the freedom to innovate, she creates a vibrant tapestry that not only showcases her technical prowess but also mirrors her insatiable curiosity and willingness to redefine artistic boundaries.

Deepika Bedi In her hands, the canvas transforms into a dynamic space where imagination thrives, marking Deepika Bedi Puri as a true pioneer in the world of contemporary abstract art.

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