Adhyyan Books and Super Power Author Shine a Spotlight on India’s Literary Stars at Super Power Author Awards 2023

Super Power Author Awards 2023

New Delhi (India), October 6: India’s leading publishing house, Adhyyan Books, and community platform, Super Power Author, proudly presented the Super Power Author Awards 2023 in New Delhi on July 29, 2023. The event celebrated the remarkable achievements of the most inspirational Indian authors who have made a significant impact in the literary world with their writings.

The awards were given to authors of various genres, including fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and children’s literature. Each recipient had a unique story to tell, and their work touched the lives of countless readers around the world. The award ceremony was an acknowledgment of their efforts and an inspiration for others to follow in their footsteps.

The awardees were:

  1. – Dr. Aafreen Kotadiya, author of “Ma, Don’t Go”
  2. – Mr. Akshat Gupta, author of “The Hidden Hindu”
  3. – Mr. Amandeep Thind author of “Secret of Winning”
  4. – Dr. Ameet Parekh, author of “Your Mind is Your Enemy”
  5. – AnatoSwu, author of “A Diamond of Dust & The Dancing Quill”
  6. – Ashneer Grover, author of “Doglapan”
  7. – Bhupenddra Singh Raathore author of “Public Speaking, The Magic of Thinking Rich & MasterYourThoughtsMasterYourLife”
  8. – Bill V, author of “Universal Energies”
  9. – Chanchala Dayakar, author of “Vision, Goals and Success”
  10. – Mr. Chetan Bhagat, author of “The 3 Mistakes of My Life”
  11. – Mr. Deepak Bajaj author of “Be a Network Marketing Millionaire”
  12. – Deepak Gupta, author of “World Becomes Your Library”
  13. – Gaur Gopal Das, author of “Energise your Mind”
  14. – Dr. Gopika Kumar, author of “personal power equation”
  15. – Hywel Richard Pinto, author of  “The Monsters of Mithi”
  16. – Kiran Swamy, author of  “Ultimate Happiness Mastery Book”
  17. – Madhup Mayank, author of “Facebookiya Love Story”
  18. – Mohamed Abdulla, author of “Embrace Magnificence” and “A Night to Vigil.”
  19. – Moumita De author of “Sonali Chiller Dana in Bengali
  20. – Naga Swati TJ, author of “The Four Makeovers”
  21. – Nayana Kishore, author of “: Artificial Intelligence Vs Heartificial Empathy”
  22. – Neeraj Arora, author of “Neeraj Arora’s Reflections”
  23. – Nidhi Jain, author of “Heal Thy Life”
  24. – Nishita Soni author of “Overwhelmed to Empowered”
  25. – Prachi Sachdev, author of “Hey Girl, Yes You&Dear Son, You Can’t Stay Little Always”
  26. – Pragati More, author of “21 Weapons To Roar Like Lion”
  27. – Pranesh, author of “Stories from South Kanyakumari”
  28. – Pranjal Kamra, author of “Investonomy”
  29. – Radhakrishnan Pillai, author of  “7 Secrets of Leadership ”
  30. – Raghunath J Pai, author of  “The CEO Makeup”
  31. – Rajeev Kumar Dubey, author of “Urvi”
  32. – Rakesh Mahalley, author of “Manasa Suptavani”
  33. – R. Raman Srivastava, author of “SMART INVESTOR&GOLDEN TIME –BEYOND SIXTY”
  34. – Ravi Nandrajog, author of “Motorsounds Car Audio Simplified”
  35. – Rohit Jain author of “Lafzon ki Awaaz”
  36. – Santana Babu author of “The Sacred Cow”
  37. – Sarbojit Roy Choudhury author of “Sayaknama O Onanyo in Bengali”
  38. – Saurabh Bisht author of “Mind matters”
  39. – Shreyas Srivatsan author of “Dasha Avatar”
  40. – Shweta Gupta author of “251 Phonic Rules”
  41. – Sreekanth TV author of “Rise Upto your Purpose”
  42. – Suhail Malik author of “The Silence of Souls”
  43. – Dr Vandana Sharma author of “Self Help Neurobics”
  44. – Dr. Jagdish author of “Super Sonic Author”
  45. – Varsha Lalwani author of “Ultimate Blueprint of Super Mindset”
  46. – Dr. Yogendra Singh Rathore author of “10X FOCUS Blueprint,”

The event also witnessed a panel discussion on “Power of Books,” which had six panelists: Mr. Akshat Gupta, Dr. Gopika Kumar, Mr. Deepak Bajaj, Mr. Neeraj Arora, actress Tannaz Irani, and CA Nitin Soni, and was hosted by Mrs. Shalini Soni. Where all these authors put their thought forward is the incredible impact books make on our lives. During the engaging panel discussion, these esteemed authors eloquently shared their insights and experiences, highlighting the transformative influence that books have on our lives, sparking inspiration, and fostering personal growth.

On that day, they also launched two new books. One was written by Mrs. Shalini Soni. “Meri Kitaab Meri Kahani,” the event was graced by Mr. Akshat Gupta and Mr. Deepak Bajaj and hosted by CA Nitin Soni.
 “Meri Kitaab Meri Kahani” is all about sharing the personal journeys, experiences, and struggles of 21 diverse authors who were interviewed by the author. It aims to inspire and guide readers, offering insights into the writing process and the determination of these writers from various backgrounds.

The other book featured in the event was authored by actress Tannaz Irani. The special guest for this book launch was actor Bhaktyar Irani, and CA Nitin Soni hosted the event. Tannaz Irani’s book delves into her personal journey, using real-life examples to inspire and guide readers toward unlocking their true potential. She fearlessly shares her battle with depression, a topic many shy away from, and the physical pain that halted her acting assignments. It’s the story of a resilient woman who turned to her mind when her body faltered, all in pursuit of personal growth and fulfillment.

Adhyyan Books and Super Power Author must be applauded for recognizing and honoring the contributions of these inspiring authors. Their commitment to empowering authors through their literary contribution is truly commendable, and we hope that they continue to inspire and empower authors for years to come.

The Super Power Author Awards 2023 were a powerful reminder of the limitless potential of these authors and how they can make a positive impact on the world with their books.

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