Meet Ajeet Joshi who has done for Many big celebrities and has become famous all over India

Navsari (Gujarat) [India], January 13: Ajeet Joshi comes from a family of Renowned Astrologers. So when he grew up, he decided to take his family legacy forward but it came with a lot of pressure and unique challenges. Coming from a family with successful astrologers, people tend to expect the same level of perfection as the previous generation. Ajeet always knew that Astrology, despite several challenges, was the right path for him. “For me, Jyotish Vigyaan is a unique profession and it’s a representation of our Indian Culture given as a gift to us by our ancestors who discovered Astrology thousands of years ago”

Ajeet was more than confident that his life was to be devoted to his clients in serving for their betterment through the medium of Jyotish Vigyan. “Astrology is an ocean of Magic. The more one knows it, the more one benefits from it. It’s simply wonderful how Astrology works to this very day and tells a lot about one’s life and what we can do to minimize the negative energies and maximize the positive energies around us” Says Ajeet.

Despite coming from a wealthy family, Ajeet decided to start fresh. With a heavy heart, he rejected the job opportunities after he completed his graduation and decided to walk his own path. In June 2011, he set up his own place in Navsari, Gujrat. “When I started my business, I had nothing with me. I had to travel by train and bus, and I also have an experience of treallving by Truck due to lack of Money. These were all very unusual experiences for me as I grew up comfortably. Initially, I struggled to get regular clients. But my gut feeling for Astrology was so strong that I never felt demotivated about my failures. My passion made me face the fire that made me stronger, wiser, and a leader.” Says Ajeet.

Is it not true that before we’re going to do something good, we always make sure that we do it at the right time? Or when we’re buying/renting a place, we make sure, it’s according to the Vastu? These actions have been shaping our country and each individual to lead a better life. Yes, challenges will come but Astrology helps life make more colorful and helps people in avoiding major incidences. Today, Ajeet, in his 12 years as an Astrologer, feels proud and satisfied that his knowledge has contributed to the betterment of millions of lives and many more in the future.

Ajeet wonderfully explains the concept of Astrology, how it works, and how one can benefit from it. “God has created two energies, Positive and Negative. Like Night and Day. The same applies to our lives. Our lives also have Positive and Negative energies. My experience tells me that if one is filled with positivity, there will be fewer or no hindrances in their life. If one’s actions are surrounded by positivity, for Eg. Visiting Mandir, Praying, Believing in the power of Astrology, etc will attract positive energies. For Eg. If you go to a bank to take a loan with a positive mindset and approach, you are more likely to get a loan compared to when you’re going there with a negative approach. What and how you think, will start manifesting in your lives. That’s why staying positive is very important in Life. Hence, we must always be attached to positive energies. Our Effort as an Astrologer is to improve your personal and professional life and bring prosperity, love, money, and success.

So far, in his 12 years of business, Ajeet has served over 5 lakh clients globally including many top celebrities, and has been recognized with many awards and news platforms which makes him one of the top astrologers in India. “After all the struggle and challenges that I’ve faced which has made me who I am today, I feel like I am just getting started. We’re here to serve and contribute to each individual using the power of Astrology. I feel honoured that the universe has given me the power to help make people’s lives better.”

“Our company name, ‘Dhanvarsha Jyotish’ which was suggested by my father, in itself is an example of the power of Astrology. After we changed our company name to Dhanvarsha Jyotish, our business has grown multi-folds and has proven to be very lucky for us”

Ajeet is easily accessible to anyone looking for consultation through his Instagram id, @astrobuddy_ajeetjoshi. One can witness the magic of astrology by taking his consultation.

“If you feel, you’re in a problem, be it that you’re not getting a job, you’re not getting your right partner, or you’re struggling financially, or any other problem, I would say, just devote yourself to god, walk his path, believe in his powers, and everything will fall into places.” Says Ajeet Joshi.

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